CNBC VIP SPORTS Television Star Steve Stevens

October 21, 2014 -- Are you a sports bettor? Do you like making money gambling on sports? Well there are only a few known sports handicappers that have actually consistently beaten the sportsbooks. Oddsmakers make their living from taking the vigorish off of the bulk of gamblers and a few extra dollars from the small and mid-size bettors. Every once in a while a wale walks in and bets the house. When he wins it is great. When he loses it's celebration for the books and dismal and depressing feelings for the gambler. Steve Stevens wants to help out those who have trouble winning and showcases his antics on a television show like never before.

It's coming back on air one more time for viewers on CNBC. The hit drama television show on CNBC that showcases ex-con man and felon Steve Stevens as he operates a Las Vegas, Nevada handicapping ring in the heart of sports gamblings holy mecca. Darren Rovel and Chad Milman from ESPN has yet to interview the gambler and salesman but we are giving The Vegas Insider readers and clients the inside scoop to learn the truth about what to expect from a man like the cocky loud mouthed Stevens.

You're in for quite a big surprise when you start watching the latest sports gambling drama on the business news network. The saga is just starting with foul mouthed and overly aggressive Steve Stevens who has quite a tumultous history as you will soon learn. Read below to learn why this is so exciting.

As being a top rated sports consultancy in Las Vegas, Nevada we feel that it is needed to investigate and educate our readers and clients about potential touts that may be damaging to the industry and general public. As our friends at Wagerminds and ourselves have investigated we disclose the truth about the upcoming television star so that it does not further damage our industry.

Airing September 10th, 2013 on primetime television network CNBC the 1 hour show about Stevens is called "Money Talks" that is being called a "Docu-sop that follows Steve Stevens, his stable of agents and clients who risk big dollars in the hope these guys have the expertise to consistently deliver winners. There's a lot on the line as we follow the gamblers who wager a few thousand each week to the whales who routinely make six-figure bets."

Just from that synopsis on the paid press release we can say without a doubt that this show is going to be troublesome.


Steve Stevens Handicapper

 There are plenty of big name sport touts that show up on television and movies that we know of Bob Voulgarism, Dr. Bob, Adam Meyer, Jim Feist, Johnny C, and Brandon Lang (Brandon Link) but Steve Stevens has never been mentioned in or around any of our circles of handicappers and sports bettors.

Based on the previews and Youtube.com videos that Stevens promoted and has since taken down due to some arbitrary and negative press from the networks and investigators questioning why CNBC would accept such a show without doing their proper due diligence beforehand. The video touts a "70-69 percent" win record "year in and year out". While we have had a season and even a few months sporadically hitting 70+ percent but it is simply not possible to do that throughout our entire handicapping career and anybody who convinces you otherwise when picking games against the spread is pulling your leg. The winning percentage he settles on is 71.5% but truth be told you have a better chance of getting STRUCK BY LIGHTNING not once, twice, three times but over 2 MILLION TIMES. YES TWO MILLION TIMES. DID I MENTION THAT IS IN 1 YEAR not over your lifetime. Imagine getting struck by lighting 2 million times in one year. That means all you do for more then 3/4ths of the year is get struck by lightning. This is based on the odds of getting struck by lightning according to the national weather service which is 1/500,000 and then 1 trillion divided by 500,000 = 2 million times in one year odds. The 1 trillion number is a rough number that we researched to be the odds of any one handicapper being able to hit 71% over a lifetime of betting against the spread. So who are the gamblers who have actually beaten the sportsbooks? Well we know of Billy Walters on 60 Minutes who started up the computer group and Bill Davis of the Davis Equation have proven that their mathematical equations are able to beat the books. So what is it with mathematicians and people named William (Billy & Bill) that allows them to make so much money betting on sports? Support education and Mathematics is fundamental even on the field.

Website Registrations by Darrin Notaro

On August 10th 2013 we updated the story to include some more information thanks to the inquiries we received from interested parties about the Stevens case and our findings.

On 6/2 2013 the website CNBCVIPSPORTS.COM was registed and on November 21, 2012 the website VIPSPORTSLASVEGAS.COM was registered. So where were these websites before hand and how was he delivering picks when nobody not even Bob Voulgaris knew who he was and has ben quoted saying that "this is complete bullshit and Steve Stevens is a scam." This website is currently done and brings up a white page. It is possible that he has an incompetent webmaster or that he has shut down the website due to other unknown reasons as to which we can only speculate.

Criminal History of Telemarketing Scams Darrin Notaro/Steve Stevens

According to the Las Vegas Sun a very reputable newspaper based here in Las Vegas, Nevada District Judge Sally Loehrer on August 24th 1999 sentenced Darin Notaro who at the time was 25 (now he is 39) to a year in jail for a telemarketing scam that took elderly citizens throughout the country for hundreds of thousands of dollars. How much? $234,000 was the total documented number with a restituion order of $12,230. There were 6 others charged in connection with Notaro who was part of the Century Pacific Group that lied to the elderly with claims of them winning sweepstake prizes. To get their prize there was a catch. Guess what it was? They had to pay $699 to receive their sweepstakes winnings. Fortunately the handicapping industry is not this bad with the boiler room operations because we can't imagine CNBC greenlighting a show about sweepstakes winnings.

When we researched on the state of Nevada registrations there was nobody associated with any sports services or businesses with the name Steve Stevens. So which name was registered and used? Executive VIP Services International located at 4004 Schiff Drive here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The address on the youtube.com promo video before it was removed is what? 4004 Schiff Drive the location of VIP Sports Las Vegas.  

Floyd Money Mayweather and Steve Stevens Friends?

While we would love to deliver winning serivce plays to Floyd Mayweather and would probably make him a six to seven figure return that is not the point here. Rather it's the connection of Stevens/Notaro being featured on the showtime show 30 Days in May. Left Turn Productions and Todd Crites who is responsible for the show according to the official Showtime Website Page is also responsible for the upcoming CNBC tout show Money Talks. When speaking with Marcia Heroux Pounds from the Sun-Sentinel a Fort Lauderdale, Florida newspaper about a story she wrote about that investigated the aftermath of Hurricane in Katrina came a mention of the manager of Floyd Money Mayweathers Philthy Rich Record Label:

The quote below speaks about Money Wayweathers Record Label helping out in the aftermath and guess who it states as the groups manager?

“The weather wouldn’t stop us from coming again,” said the group’s manager Darin Notaro. “We’ve got business here and we love the sand.”

The show called Money Talks was also quoted as being a show that "takes us deep inside the world of sports betting in Las Vegas. It's a world that hasn't been explored in primetime and we're confident that our viewers will be fascinated by this intimate look at high stakes gambling." What they certainly forgot is that there was a movie with Matthew McCoughney called Two For The Money that portrayed the handicapping industry with a spoof on Stu Feiner of Long Island, New York. CNBC obviously did not do their proper investigation before signing on for this one and the whole wrath of destruction in both the handicapping industry and the credibility of the good guys in the industry is to be tested with this hour long show.

You've seen the premiere of VIP-Sports on CNBC now. What did you think? What are your reviews on the show. After seeing the dramatized show of a handicapper and the day in the life of a sports tout do you want to be a professional gambling consultant? Let us know your thoughts as we want feedback so we can continue to refine the industry and make it better for the clients and those interested in investment consulting services.

His website can be found at cnbcvipsports.com but seems to not be active at the moment.