The Best Football Betting Picks Against the Spread

August 30, 2013

Being the best means doing the best for your clients. That is exactly what we do all year long and each and every football season. Tired of losing? Well that is all about to end with our proven and documented system of winning.

Handicapping football is not easy. In fact it's nearly impossible to beat the oddsmakers up and down the strip. Why is that? It's because you are working against sme of the sharpest staticians ever to live. Since these nerds are so into numbers and not into the psychological swings that come with sports betting you can imagine that they do not deal with the same obstacles that the typical football gambler deals with. So here is what we did to get you the best winning picks for the 2013 football season. We created a system to work with the bookmakers that are right on the strip to get the inside information that is 100% legal in the sports betting world as opposed to the stock market which is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) where if you work with insiders than you can surely expect to find yourself locked up in white collar prison along with a heft penalty or fine. So that is why we work to make the most accurate predictions for football betting and deliver the highest percentage of winning NFL Picks against the spread next to the Vegas Sports Handicappers who deal with the same handicapping principles that we do except they have a few additional contacts in the industry that we do not have.

2013 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Our handicappers have been gearing up and preparing for the 2013 season. We ensure and guarantee that you will profit and make money from our sports betting picks thanks to a designated system that has been proven and tested to make money. To build up your bankroll on your own takes years of trying to pick winners against the spread and can beomce a costly endeavor. You are better off following our top handicappers and receiving picks from those who have been down the long dusty road of learning how to bet on NFL week in and week out.

No matter how you splice it you are going to get ahead with our weekly predictions. The 2013 NFL season is going to be very exciting and the best of the best will be getting their pick against the spread from the best sports syndicate right here at the Vegas Insiders. So make money and smile with our help.

Previous NFL Picks Against the Spread Records

2012: 59%

2011: 52%

2010: 68%

2009: 48%

2008: 61%

2007: 54%