Las vegas NFL Lines

The number 1 sports betting syndicate is successful because of a few reasons. One of the most important parts of making money and being profitable in football betting is because of having accurate betting lines. Having access to the latest nfl lines from other sports bettors to see where the money is being laid. If a lot of national football league bettors are putting their money on the New York Giants this week and betting agains the Washington Redskins then we may use that as a signal to help us determine why the gamblers are putting money on that side and not on another side. Betting lines tend to move based on the following factors:

Where the public is betting, How much the house wants to lay off the risk, and where the current line opened up with respect to the houses cut for taking the bet. Also known as the juice. Betting lines for football will show you if the team is favored by putting a - (minus sign) and the amount of points they are giving up to the underdog who is given points + (a plus sign) that will help them even out the wager for sports bettors in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will also have a total also known as the over and under for the total amount of points predicted to be scored in the game. You can bet on that and use that as an indicator to wager on. Finally you can parlay the over/under along with the spread or moneyline which means who will win straight up in the NFL matchup.


So get your picks in and start with our predictions for this weeks games.