Returning Champs

After finishing the 2012 NFL season as the Top Ranked Service in profits, the 4th time in the last decade that we’ve claimed that crown, we’re back to try to top ourselves this season. Our team is already gearing up for what’s sure to be another huge NFL season. In addition to retaining the exclusive rights to two of the top NFL information sources in the country, we’ve also added 40 new members to our in-the-field scout team and a handful to our in-house NFL department.

We have something for players of all experience levels and sizes. From those who just play for fun to the professionals that rely on sports wagering as a primary source of income, we’re here to help all of you. What better way to beat Vegas than to do it with help from the inside? We’re your inside source. We get all tinforman that comes across the wire that the official bookmakers do, so we know that no piece of crucial information goes unnoticed and that we’re getting our clients the absolute best possible odds available. Get started today and let us show you what we can do for you.