The college football season is almost here. The futures are out at select Las Vegas, Nevada sportsbooks so you may go in to see the latest odds posted on the board at your local casino. If you prefer to use the William Hill betting totes that are setup throughout the area then you may certainly do so there as well. To make money wagering on NCAA Football you need to have a fundamental understanding of how lines move and correlate to the money being wagered at any given point in time. For example you will most likely see the largest movement at 10:00 AM on a Saturday game day. You will also see very big line movements as soon as the spread is created and released to the general public. The reason for this is they are looking to exploit inefficiences in the sports betting markets that may not be available as more of the "Smart Money" comes into play.

The follow are things that you will see in the latest lines available here at the Vegas Insiders. The first being the total also known as the over/under. This number means the amount of points that both teams score in the game. You can bet that the amount is going to be over or under that number (hence the name). The other thing that you can bet on is who is going to win the game. You can pick a team to win Straight Up meaning that the team wins outright or you can pick a team to win Against the Spread. By picking a team ATS (against the spread) that means that the bookmakers have set up an amount of points given to an underdog to even out based on numerous factors.

The other things that are popular for colllege football betting is wagering on futures and proposition bets such as who will score the first point in the game, who will score more points, and so forth. There is one more thing to note when betting. Take a look at the juice. These numbers typically stand around -120 or +200. That means the amount of money you have to bet to win $100 per the minus or plus sign.

Below are some current future prop bets and odds for the 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner


Johnny Manziel (QB Texas A&M)
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State)
A.J. McCarron (QB Alabama)
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama)
Aaron Murray (QB Georgia)
Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville)
De'Anthony Thomas (RB Oregon)
Duke Johnson (RB Miami)
Jadeveon Clowney (DE South Carolina)
Marquis Lee (WR USC)  
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)