CBS Sports NFL Picks Against the Spread For the 2013 Season

Are you tired of not making big money with the latest NFL Picks from the experts who deliver their predictions each week? The CBS Sports Experts are Peter Prisco, Clark Judge, Mike Freemna, Jason La Confora, Dave Richard, Will Brinson, Josh Katzowitz, and Ryan Wilson. While all of them with the exception Dave Richard properly predicted that the Baltimore Ravens would defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 super bowl.

How Good are the CBS Sports Experts?

Not very good if you are trying to make money. 5 out of the 9 "Experts" are actually historically losers. Meaning that they have losing records and yet they are still tweeting their plays on Twitter and yet people still think that they should be following CBS Sports to receive their betting plays. If you really and truly want to make money picking games then you need to work with somebody who has a system to pick weekly games against the spread with a profitable system. What we do here at the Vegas Insiders is we look at who has historically been profitable and had a winning record above 52%.

If a handicapper has not won more then 52% of their games then we do not accept their plays until they can consistently beat the spread.

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